Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

I’ve used quite a few weekly spreads in my bullet journal through 2018, and I know I’m always looking for new spreads, so I decided to give you some inspiration for your own spreads.


This spread is perfect for anyone with a very busy week, as it’s super simple to make, and there’s so much room to write tasks or events or anything that comes up. Each column is 8 spaces wide, with a space between each column.


This is my most used spread recently, it’s so simple to set up and maintain through the week. It really helps to separate my tasks out into smaller, more manageable ones, and having them all in the same place is useful to track where I am with them. I don’t have any real dimensions for the spread, there’s just a smaller section and then a wider one, with the wider for the days of the week. I really recommend trying this spread out.


This spread didn’t really work for me, as I didn’t really like how little space I had to write down my tasks. Each column is 6 spaces wide, and each hour has two spaces. This is really good for time management if you need to keep yourself accountable, but I would recommend using post-it notes for any task lists you’d need, as there’s most likely not enough space.

img_3415 (1)

This is another spread that’s really useful if you have a lot of things to do over the week, especially if you may not know what day you need to do it on, or what day you will do it on. Each box on the left is 10 spaces wide and 9 spaces long.


Once again, this is another simple spread, perfect for if you don’t have a lot of time to set up anything too complicated, or just don’t want the fuss of it. Each box is 16 spaces long, and 12 spaces wide.


This last spread is really useful if you want to separate your personal and work/school tasks and events. I did use this spread during Spring half term, which wasn’t my best idea, but I will be making a similar spread soon I think, because, looking back, I do like this spread. Each day is 5 spaces long, and the notes section is 5 spaces wide. I think this is another really simple spread to make, but it’s very effective in making you more productive.

I’m by no means saying  I am an all-knowing bullet journal guru, but I’ve done a lot of spread experimenting, and wanted to share some of the different spreads I’ve used.

I really need to get my life together though, I’ve had to finish another post on the day it’s being posted, and it’s stressing me out so bad! I’d feel better if I wasn’t prepared because I’ve been doing a lot of school work, but I don’t feel like I have, but I also don’t know what I’ve been doing other than school work, so I’m just a bit confused. I definitely need to sort it out though, and become more organised with my blog, because I love posting and writing.