How to Make Revision Timetables Using Google Calendar

Making a revision timetable can be time consuming, and blocking out the time by hand can be a nightmare. That’s why I decided to try using Google Calendar to make them, as you don’t need to draw anything out yourself, you can have it with you at all times (either on your laptop, computer or phone) and it’s a paperless system, which is amazing. It’s so easy to set up and maintain, so I’m going to show you how, using a new account I set up for the purpose of this post.

Obviously, the first thing you’re going to want to do is go onto your device (I recommend a laptop or computer for this, as it’ll be easier) and open Google Calendar. Once you’ve signed in, this is what you should see:


Before this screenshot was taken, I did change the day that the week starts on in settings, as it starts on Sunday by default.

Once it’s open, you’ll want to click on the three buttons next to “Add Calender” and click “Create New Calendar”. Here you want to add all of the catergories of activities, for example: school, any extra-curriculars like football, personal, revision, etc. Here is mine:


The Birthdays, Reminders and Tasks calendars are there by default. If you don’t want them in your calendar, just untick the box. You can also change the colours of the calendars into the colours you prefer.

Now it’s time to schedule in your events. I’m going to start with when I’m at school. Click on “Create” in the top corner and add the title of “School”. Now change the time to whenever you are at school, for me it’s 8:30am to 3pm. Then, click on the drop down menu next to the calendar icon and click “School” so it colour codes accordingly. Finally, click “More Options” and change “Does Not Repeat” to “Every Weekday”, and press save.


Next I’m going to schedule in my after school intervention sessions I go to, using the same method, just selecting “Weekly on ___” instead of “Every Weekday”.


Now, schedule any extra-curricular activities you do.


Next, schedule any personal events in the week. For example, if you’re going to the cinema or a friend’s house.


Finally, add anything else you need to schedule, for example doctor’s appointments.

And you’re done. Now you can clearly see how much free time you have, so you can revise effectively and efficiently.

I really hope this post has been beneficial, or even just given you the motivation to make a revision timetable. At the end of the day, everyone plans differently. Some people will prefer to have their plan on a piece of paper on line, and some will prefer just winging it and revisingn when they feel like it, rather than at a set time. And that’s completely fine.

Mock Exams

Monday, I started my mock GCSE exams. We’d already done the three Maths papers and the one English Language paper that we were doing, so I have all of my other exams now.

I’ve been quite stressed over them, mostly because I’ve had hardly any time to revise, it definitely didn’t help that my Graphics teacher wanted six pieces of homework due in over the last weekend, which I did not have enough time to do, as I was playing football in the morning and watching football in the afternoon on Saturday.

First this week, I had English Literature Paper 1. The texts that we are doing are Macbeth and Jekyll and Hyde. I was a lot more confident before the exam, and as soon as I read the Macbeth question it just plummeted, I was so shocked. And I think that the Jekyll and Hyde question was good.

I didn’t have any exams on Tuesday, but Wednesday I had my Spanish Listening and Reading, which I weren’t too confident going in to, and I don’t feel like I performed too great in them either. When I got to the translation at the end, I genuinely felt like I was going to cry, in the exam hall. I’d had a banging headache for over an hour and I felt like I’d done so bad, and there was still this rock hard translation to do. I pulled myself semi-together, had a vague guess at the words and phrases in the translation and called it a day with about 20-25 minutes left.

That was my last exam of the week. Hopefully, I’ll be getting my maths grade on Monday, and I’ll be tweeting about it, so be sure to follow me if you’re interested in that. My next exams are on Tuesday and they’re Physics Paper 1 and History Paper 1, and I’m dreading both of them. I’ve been prioritising Physics over History, and I’m not really sure why, because I think History is by far the more interesting of the two. There’s just a part of me that wants to do well in all of my sciences, maybe because they’re difficult, and I want to feel that achievement, or just because I feel like it. I’m really not sure.