January Bullet Journal Set Up

Happy New Year, everyone! I actually cannot believe that it’s 2019 already, 2018 has been stressful, but it’s flown by really. The end of the month is my favourite time because I get to plan for the next month in my bullet journal. Even though I don’t make my spreads really artsy and beautiful, I still love setting them up, because they’re probably as artistic as I get. I continue to love this planning system, and I’m excited to see where it can take me in this pivotal year of mine.

Even though I’ve set up my new year spreads (future log, etc) I’m still using my Leuchtturm 1917 grey notebook, just because it seemed stupid to start a new notebook when there was still like 100 pages left in my current one. I’m hoping to start my new journal in March or April.

Once again, I didn’t bother with a cover page, even though it’s a nice divider between the months, it doesn’t help with my productivity or self-care so it’s unnecessary to me right now.


For January, I’ve reverted back to the standard vertical layout, because I couldn’t be bothered to draw a huge grid out. In the top right corner I just wrote a reminder that I need to get a doctor’s appointment as soon as I can, because I knew I’d see it a lot if I put it on the calendar page rather than any other page. I think this spread is simple and quite effective, but I do prefer grid calendars.


Next is a habit tracker. I’ve always had an on-off relationship with trackers, I’ve always wanted to use one, and use it regularly, but I always forgot to fill it in, so just stopped using it. But there are tasks that I should be doing every day, and sometimes I don’t, so I’m once again trying a habit tracker out. I have three habits to track this month, take my pills, moisture my eyelids (I have bad eczema on them *sad face*) and put spot cream on my spots (obviously, where else would I put spot cream?), and I’m hoping I actually keep up to it this time. On the same page, I’ve written my blog post schedule for the month, for no other reason than it’s the only place I had some space.


This is a brand new idea for me. With my GCSEs looming, I need to crack on with revision, and I wanted to be accountable and keep track of how much revision I’m doing for each subject, so I can try to keep the amount of revision equal between all of the subjects. Every day, I will colour in the amount of revision I’ve done for each subject, for example, if I did an hour of history revision on the 3rd I would colour the history/3rd box in orange to mark the hour I did, and so on throughout the month. I got the idea for this spread from Laur Medley on YouTube, it’s from quite an old video though.


Finally, I have my end of month review page. This is another feature I’ve been having an issue with over the last couple months, I stopped doing them in like July, but I’m not sure why, if I’m honest. And I just never got into the habit of doing them again. I decided that I was finally going to include it into my set up again. I found a very similar spread on Pinterest, which was my inspiration for this spread.

I’m not looking forward to going back to school, but once the next 6 months are over, I’ll be able to study the subjects I want to do, rather than the one’s the government wants us to do. I hope that January is nice to you all.