One of Us is Lying: Spoiler Free Review

One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus.

Plot: Five completely different people enter detention, but only four come out alive. The police determine that it wasn’t an accident, and Bronwym, Addy, Cooper and Nate are all suspects, especially when it’s revealed that the dead boy was about to expose all of their deepest, darkest secrets.

My comments: I, genuinely, absolutely loved this book. I read almost all of it in one day. It was captivating at every turn, with every chapter ending on a cliffhanger or a reveal, just something to urge you to carry on reading. It is truly masterful writing.

You follow the four perspectives of the suspects, which allows you to really understand the struggles in their lives, and how they could’ve played their part in the murder. This format really made me connect with the characters, and when something was revealed about them, I genuinely felt for them, and it really upset me. I fell in love with all of them, and watching them develop and become better versions of themselves made me so happy.

I genuinely couldn’t but this book down, there was never a good point to leave it, I just needed more all the time. And the big reveal at the end was so well done and written and wow. Words really can’t describe how much I love this book.

I think everyone should read this book, it’s got everything you want for a teen murder mystery, really.

Rating: 5 stars.

City of Bones: Review

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. Book one in The Mortal Instruments Series.

Plot: Clary and her best friend, Simon, go to a nightclub. While there, she sees two shady looking guys, but Simon doesn’t see them. They are demon hunters, and being able to be seen by Clary, a “mundane” or human, introduces her to a whole new world she didn’t know, full of vampires, werewolves, demons and Shadowhunters.

My Comments: This book is one of my favourite books of all time (even though the cover is so cringe), and I think Cassandra Clare is my new favourite author. Everything about this book was perfect for me: the romance wasn’t too cliche and soppy, there was a lot of action and tension, but also a lot of moments which really calmed it down and relaxed you. It is perfectly written, creating such a wonderful atmosphere in this hyper-realistic world which is so intriguing. I basically didn’t put this book down, I physically couldn’t.

I have truly fallen in love with everything in this series: the characters, the writing. I cannot get enough. I knew it was a good book going into it, as it is a cult favourite in the online book community. but it still completely blew me away. I’ve never read a fantasy book before, and I’m so glad that this is where I started. I’ve been introduced to a whole new genre, unlike anything else I’ve read, and I don’t think it could’ve been with a better book.

If you haven’t read a fantasy book, like me, and you’re looking for a place to start, I can’t recommend this book highly enough for you.

Rating: 5 stars.

Animal Farm & A Study In Charlotte: Reviews

Something a little different, but not really. Because I read both books so close to each other, and I didn’t want to do a post overload, and Animal Farm is so short (there’s not much to say about it), I decided to combine the two reviews into one.

A Study In Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro.

Plot: Charlotte Holmes – descendant of Sherlock – and James Watson – descendant of John – meet at a boarding school in America. A student who they’ve both had run-ins with has been found murdered, and the scene is copied out of a Sherlock Holmes Story, and Holmes and Watson are being framed for the crime. The book follows them around, trying to find the real murderer and clearing their names.

My Comments: I’m not really sure how I felt about this novel. I think I enjoyed it, but I had to constantly force myself to pick it up and read it. It wasn’t very intriguing but it was nice to read. Complicated, I know.

I thought that the characterisation was really good. Charlotte is so clearly a Holmes, and James is definitely a modern day John Watson, which is probably my favourite part of the book.

I’m not sure why I can’t really find the words to describe my feelings towards this book, but I did like it. I know that my review doesn’t really help, but if you love mystery and teen fiction, I think you will like it, because I didn’t really dislike it.

Rating: 3 stars

Animal Farm by George Orwell.

Plot: The animals on Manor Farm are sick of being underappreciated and underfed, so decided to revolt and overthrow the farm owner, Mr Jones.

My Comments: I really liked this book. Not from a creative point of view, but from a social and political one. It’s a commentary of communism, and I find politics quite interesting, when it’s not Brexit, so I enjoyed it immensely.

I think it’s the perfect length. It’s long enough to make the impact and statement intended, and if it was any longer it would be unnecessary and would get increasingly boring.

Rating: 5 stars.

The Sun Is Also a Star: Spoiler Free Review

The Sun Is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon.

Plot: Natasha is a rational, as it is girl, about to be deported back to Jamaica. Daniel is a whimsical poet who believes in love at first sight. They fall for each other and spend the rest of the day roaming New York City, trying to save Natasha, her family, and they’re relationsip.

Comments: Honestly, the book was a little too cliché for me: boy meets girl, they fall madly in love, it’s not meant to be, etc. But it was a good book and I did enjoy it.

The format was a bit odd, and took a while to get used to. It jumped between Natasha and Daniel’s perspectives, but the transition were seamless. Sometimes, however, I did forget who’s perspective I was reading, as it was in first person, so it was all pretty similar. There’s also the odd history of another character in the book, which at first seems random and unnecessary, but it all tied together at some point.

Even though it is a romance at heart, it deals with the struggles immigrants face in a new country and the not at all accepting nature of American society.

It was really well written and I struggled to put it down. I recommend this book to anyone who loves soppy, cliché romance, because that is basically the book in a nutshell.

Rating: 4 stars

The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Spoiler Free Review

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Steven Chbosky.

Plot: Charlie is a high school student who struggles to “participate”. He writes letters to someone known only as “Friend”, telling them about his experiences and struggles with high school life as a wallflower.

My Comments: Overall, I wasn’t really a fan of this book. The format of the letters made it difficult to follow and the writing style wasn’t for me. I struggled to read the book at the beginning, it wasn’t interesting, and the only reason I didn’t stop reading it was because I was determined to finish it after buying it.

I will say it brings up some very important topics: abuse, mental health, drugs and addiction, and loneliness, and trigger warnings are necessary for these things. And it really shows the effect that the events have on Charlie through the first person perspective.

I think that parents or adults that read this book will really see the trials and tribulations that teenagers go through, so they can maybe cut us some slack.

The main reason I personally didn’t enjoy the book was because it didn’t really have a singular story line, other than Charlie’s mental health. And it constantly repeated the word “incidentally” which got very annoying, very fast.

I think that this was an important book for me to read, and I recommend that if you’re starting high school or college, it’s important for you too. I’m glad I read it all the way through, even if I didn’t enjoy it too much.

Rating: 3 stars

The Night Circus: Spoiler Free Review

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

Plot: The Night Circus is a circus that opens at nightfall, closes at dawn. It never advertises, just appears in a field in the outskirts of the city, overnight. Within the circus, there’s a competition between 2 magicians, a test of skill and strength. It’s full of magic and romance and fantasy, and it’s a perfect blend of the three, creating something truly magical. I don’t want to give too much detail because it is best to not really know much about it going in, through all the twists and turns.

My Comments: Overall, I really loved this book. It made me happy, sad, resentful, everything. But happy more than any other, which is always good. It’s the perfect mixture of a dramatic but lighthearted read, which is probably my most preferable type of book. From the top of my head, I don’t think there are any triggering topics within it, so it’s really suitable for anyone to read.

I will say, for the first 100 or so pages, I was a bit confused, as it jumps between years going backwards and forwards in time, but one I’d adjusted it became a lot more enjoyable. It’s useful to try and remember the date under the chapter name so you know if you’ve gone forwards or backwards, but it’s quite easy to gauge if you don’t anyway.

This book is everything I hoped it would be, and I will definitely be re-reading it either this year or next. I highly, highly recommend it.

Rating: 5 stars