My First Week of College

Damn, what a ride. It’s been difficult and a whole new challenge, but it was so exciting, and I can’t wait to do it all again next week.

We started a bit rocky, because I HAD TO CHANGE MY ENTIRE ORGANISATION SYSTEM ON THE FIRST DAY OF LESSONS. As I explained in the “My College Organisation System for Year 12″ blog post I made last week, I was going to type up all lessons notes on to my laptop, so I didn’t have mounds of paper and binders everywhere, but my college gives you a booklet with all of the information you need for the topic on your first lesson. So, you don’t have to right down all the information yourself, it’s given to you in a really concise and easy to follow manner. Which I love, there’s no denying it, it’s a really good system, and it saves so much time in lesson, and saves me having to organise every individual sheet of paper I use which would kill me off, but it threw an asteroid-sized spanner in the works. So sometime in the very near future I’m going to have to go and buy like 10 lever arch files, RIP my wallet aha.

Seriously though these booklets will be my savour. I have one for every teacher I have – one for Economics, one for Chemistry, two for Maths and one for Further Maths – so 5 (wow, you can see why I got a 9 in my Maths GCSE), and you get one per topic. I particularly like the format of the maths packs: it gives you some information – this could be equations, definitions, or anything in between – and underneath that it has some questions. On the left hand side there’s a question the teacher goes through with you, and on the right there’s one for you to try as well, and at the bottom of the page there are some extra questions you can try if you’re still a bit unsure. The structure is similar to what I had in my GCSE lessons, but it’s structured a lot better and easier and makes life so much easier. Also in the maths booklets, before each lesson’s work, there is a “Self-Study Section” which you should go through before the lesson, where it gives some questions or information that will be useful to have refreshed for said lesson.

I’ve realised this post has turned into me gushing about these packs, but I can’t get over how much of a god-send they are! I’ll stop now, and just talk about general college life.

I love that I’m actually treated like an adult, rather than the 10 year old I have been treated like for the past 5 years at high school. They don’t bolt the doors shut at the beginning of the day and open them at the end, I’m free to roam as I please. They don’t necessarily punish you, they just expect you to do the work, and if you don’t, it’s not their problem, just yours.

Basically, the next two years are your responsibility, and the college will support you the best you can, as long as you put the work in, show up to your lessons, etc.

On Thursday I spoke to my Further Maths teacher, because I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to handle doing four subjects, not necessarily that I’d find the amount of maths too much, because I love maths, more that I’d fall behind in Chemistry or Economics. I was told that Further Maths will really aid my career path, and open up more doors to me in the future, and I’m clearly able enough to do it. So she told me that if I get a large influx of work for another subject, I just need to go speak to my maths teachers, and tell them, and they’ll give me extended deadlines on homework or tasks, as well as just some general tips and advice. They want to help me achieve the best results I can. and will support me as much as they can to do so, unlike my high school, that did nothing to help if you fell behind on work, just told you off and gave you detentions until you caught up. It was never “oh, you’re struggling, we’ll help you”, it was “you clearly don’t care about your results so neither do I”, which just made things even worse. In summary, I feel so supported and that I could do literally anything.

Free periods (or study periods as my college call them) are my BEST FRIENDS! Other than Friday because I was in lessons all day – it’s brutal, thought I was going to die – I’ve gotten all of my work done before going home, so I’ve had my evenings to do as I please. And it’s felt so good! There’s two days a week where I start an hour later, so getting an extra hour in bed is lush. And there’s two days a week I finish an hour and 10 minutes early which means I have 15 minutes to get to the bus station instead of 5 (it’s like Mad Max), which we love.

In conclusion, I haven’t stop beaming all week. I love college a lot so far. I’ll update at the start of October, watch this space.

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