My College Organisation System For the Start of Year 12

The time has come to throw on my college ID badge and head out of the door into the next chapter of my life, and I don’t think I’ve been more excited for anything! I thought I’d start off the string of school related posts with my organisation system, because it can give some advice to others as well as (I think) just be interesting to read about. I think it’ll be such an easy system to maintain, as long as I’m strict on myself to make sure I do the work I need to as soon as I need to do it.

There’s quite a lot of aspects to it, but the main aspects are pretty simple.

Every day, I will take a single folder to school with me. It has 5 dividers in it: one for each of my subjects – maths, chemistry and economics – one for any admin stuff, and one for paper. I will make the notes for my lessons on the paper (obviously, I’m not going to write in thin air) and keep them in the folder. The next time I have a free period, or after school, I will type up the notes into OneNote into the subject specific notebook (I’ll make a dedicated post about how I use OneNote in the future). I will keep the notes in the folder until I feel like they aren’t needed in class anymore, like if we’ve moved onto a different topic. Using the single folder will keep my bag lighter, as I don’t have to take a folder for each subject with me. I’ll definitely have to be strict with myself to keep this up to date, so the folder doesn’t start overflowing, and I don’t get a backlog of work to type up onto my laptop.

I have 2 other folders, but they’re not as intricate. One of them is for homework and essays that have been marked by my teachers so I can track where I need to tweak my technique and see any changes in my work. I have OneNote folders for homework and essays but I will only use those to write them, not to track my teachers’ comments. The last is for maths, as I won’t be writing up those notes. I have a regular size folder for the unit we are currently working on, so I can refer to the notes easier for end of unit tests. I will then have a large lever arch file where I will store all of my notes for maths in the one place, and I will move the notes from the folder to the lever arch file after the end of unit test. I feel like writing up my maths notes would be problematic for a multitude of reasons, including the restrictions that typing has on writing equations and working out and the fact that I don’t think it would be beneficial, I could be using that time to try some practice questions to further my understanding.

I want to just add some of my thoughts towards typing my notes up, and storing them online, as it is quite an unusual thing to do. My first thought is that it means I can have less clutter in my room and more room for books on my shelves, as having 3 lever arch files that will most likely be full at the end of the first year so I’d have to get 3 more, would take up a lot of room. Another thought is that having the notes organised into the many different sections you can have in a OneNote notebook would make the notes I want to find easier for me to do so, rather than having to flick through every page in the huge lever arch file. Also, typing over the notes after the lesson will allow me to review them and add any additional comments to them, or do extra research to further my understanding. Overall, it feels like a system that can be really beneficial if kept up to properly, which I’m sure I will.

I’m so excited to start college, and dive back into learning, but the fact I won’t be able to read as much is a bit disappointing, but there’ll still be time for it.

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