How to Read More

I really neglected my reading for years. I read about 4 books in my whole 5 years of high school. But I’ve always loved reading, and I think everyone can make room in their lives to read, no matter how busy.

The first piece of advice I can give is the most simple principle, but it’s so so important. Pick a book that interests you. Either go to the bookshop or go to the library and take the time to look at the synopsis and see if it’s something that genuinely interests you. One of the main reasons why we put a book down and don’t pick another one back up is because it’s boring us. A good place to start is to read a book that has been made into a film you like, because you already like the story line, and you can use that book to find others you might enjoy, either by the same author or the same genre. There are millions of books out there, and more get released every day, so there’s definitely something for everyone.

One of the biggest excuses for not reading is being too busy, and not having the time, but if you think about how much time you spend watching TV or playing on your phone sitting on the sofa. That’s time that can be spent reading. I always try to allocate 10-20 minutes of phone-free reading before I go to sleep, because it makes me ready for bed, and helps me to relax. It also reduces the amount of harsh, blue light your brain is exposed to while on your phone.

One of my new reading habits is to listen to an audio book when I’m travelling. Most libraries are part of a service called Libby, which is an app where you can loan e-books and audio books from your library, as long as you have a library card. I’ve been using Libby for about a month and I really like it. You can loan up to 15 items and have 15 items on hold as well. I try to get the same audio book as my physical book that I’m reading, but that’s not always possible. I think audio books are great because there are so many things you can do while listening, so even if you are busy, you can get some reading done. For example, you could listen on your lunch break, driving or travelling to work/school/anywhere, doing housework, anything really.

If you’re looking for book recommendations, I always turn to our trusty YouTube. You can search for specific genres or just see what books people have been loving and see if anything takes your fancy. Basically every book I want to read or have read I’ve seen recommended on YouTube.

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