My GCSE Results!

I was honestly so much more worried than I ever thought I would be for this day. I couldn’t sleep, and when I did, all I could dream about was getting my results.

I was quite certain that I’d get the grades to get into my first choice college, but I was still anxious to find out what I got, but I wasn’t really scared that I wouldn’t get into college.

Anyway, enough stalling. Here it is:

Biology: 6 (two marks off of a 7, getting it remarked)

Chemistry: 7

History: 8

Mathematics: 9

Physics: 7

Spanish: 8

Design & Technology: 8

English Language: 7

English Literature: 6

For anyone unaware, two years ago the government changed the GCSE grading system from A – G to 9 – 1, with 9 being the equivalent of an A**. So

9 = A**

8 = A*

7 = A

6 = B

Overall, I’m really pleased with my grades. I’m a bit disappointed with the 6 in Literature, but it’s always been a weak point for me, and a 6 is a good grade anyway! It just drops my average down a bit, but oh well.

I was so glad to see that 9 on my page, because even though I wasn’t bothered if I got any 9s, I felt like I deserved one in Maths because I worked so hard for it. It really just proved to me that I’m making the right choice going down the Maths career path, and I’m so excited for the future.

My 8 in History is probably the most surprising grade. (I promise this isn’t supposed to be a brag or anything like that, I’m just being honest) At the beginning of 2019, I was really struggling to balance all of my subjects, and after talking for hours to my mum about it, we decided I should essentially “drop” History. I’d still take the exams, but I would prioritise my other subjects over it. The only real revision I did for it was in the revision sessions the school put on before the exam. And here I am, with an 8. After each paper I did think I’d done well, thinking I’d be able to get a 6, or a 7 if I’m really lucky, but I never expected an 8. When people look at it they’ll think I actually cared, when in reality, I didn’t.

My 7 in Physics was also quite a shock, because I thought I’d flunked those papers so bad.

Anyway, my next steps are to enrol in my first choice college on Wednesday, and then start the Monday after. I’m so excited to start the next chapter of my life!


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