Volunteering at the Library

I’ve been volunteering at my local library since the end of June, so for just over a month, and it’s been a mixed bag so far.

At first, just before I set off walking down, I’d get so anxious and scared. I’d just want to crawl into a ball in my bed and hide from the world, because it was a new atmosphere with new people who I didn’t know. But after a couple of weeks of forcing myself out of the door, I started to enjoy it more. I’ve made so many new friends and I’ve helped out so many members of our community that I really feel like I am making a difference and it’s a really nice and refreshing feeling.

I’m also surrounded by books for three hours, two days a week, which is heaven for a bookworm like myself, but it’s a blessing as well as a curse:

I love having all of these books around me and giving others access to some of my favourite books or just encouraging them to pick up something to read. Putting books in the right places on the shelves is so calming and satisfying, and having whole series together is a thing of beauty. But as I look through the shelves during my shifts, I see more and more books that I want to read, which would be amazing if I didn’t already have a list as long as my arm! I have to resist the “compulsive buyer” within me (yes, I know, it’s a library and the books are free, but the principle of ‘oh my gosh yes I need this’ is still there, so it works).

Stepping away from the actual library for a second, volunteering has given me a new way of getting some exercise now I’m not walking to and from school and playing football anyway. It’s around 20 minutes from my house to the library, but the journey back home is all uphill. It’s a nightmare, but it’d definitely keeping me fit, I’ve even lost a couple of pounds.

Overall, I really enjoy volunteering, and everything it offers me, and I would recommend that anyone should go and help out at their local library. And I can always guarantee that they’ll be happy to take on any and all new recruits!

Side note: It still feels weird not making any school related post for the past few months, but worry not, they’ll be back very soon! I have back to school hauls, first impressions, and much more coming in the last few months of the year. Exciting times coming SOON!

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