The Sun Is Also a Star: Spoiler Free Review

The Sun Is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon.

Plot: Natasha is a rational, as it is girl, about to be deported back to Jamaica. Daniel is a whimsical poet who believes in love at first sight. They fall for each other and spend the rest of the day roaming New York City, trying to save Natasha, her family, and they’re relationsip.

Comments: Honestly, the book was a little too cliché for me: boy meets girl, they fall madly in love, it’s not meant to be, etc. But it was a good book and I did enjoy it.

The format was a bit odd, and took a while to get used to. It jumped between Natasha and Daniel’s perspectives, but the transition were seamless. Sometimes, however, I did forget who’s perspective I was reading, as it was in first person, so it was all pretty similar. There’s also the odd history of another character in the book, which at first seems random and unnecessary, but it all tied together at some point.

Even though it is a romance at heart, it deals with the struggles immigrants face in a new country and the not at all accepting nature of American society.

It was really well written and I struggled to put it down. I recommend this book to anyone who loves soppy, cliché romance, because that is basically the book in a nutshell.

Rating: 4 stars

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