Organising My Bookshelf

After recycling or giving away my revision guides, I had an abundance of space open up on my bookshelf. It needed a good clean and I wanted it to look a bit prettier and less like a bomb had gone off.

The first thing I did was completely empty everything off of every shelf, dusting off all the ornaments and memorabilia as I went, because it seemed like a waste of time to take it off, put it down, then pick it back up to clean. Once I’d laid out all everything out on my bed, I took a pack of multi surface wipes and completely scrubbed every shelf until they was nothing to be seen but wood. It was probably the best workout I’d had all month.

Then the more difficult task for me: organising the contents. I wanted everything to be grouped in some way and almost all easily accessible, as well as aesthetically pleasing and nice to look at. The first way I tried to do was like a rainbow order, but I didn’t have books for all of the colours so I had to give that up quite quickly. I got stumped for a while because I couldn’t think of a good way to organise them. It was really difficult because I have some really tall books that can only go on one shelf because it’s bigger than the others, so I had to really work around what fit wear.

I decided to put all of my comics and graphics novels together, some notebooks and paper pads together, and a JK Rowling / Harry Potter section. Once I was happy with where all of the books were, I started adding my Pop figures and other ornaments. I put all of my Marvel Pops with my Marvel comics, but moved my The Flash comic into a section of its own, so it could stand with my three Flash Pops. I kind of just fiddled with the placement, order and angle of the figures until I thought it looked nice. My JK Rowling / Harry Potter section turned into a sort of blue / green section, so I put some of my blue ornaments in that corner. I left the bottom shelf as it was, messy and unorganised for a day or two because I wasn’t sure how I wanted to put on it or how I wanted it to look. I needed a place for The Night Circus and because it has such a beautiful colour I wanted it on display, so that was left out for a couple of days.

A couple years ago my mum gave me these book ends that you slot in the middle of the book at the end so you can’t actually see the bookend, which I think is so cool, but I’d only used one of the two that I had. I came up with the idea of using the second book end as a stand of The Night Circus on the bottom shelf, completely on its own, because it deserves that attention. Because it was paperback, when I stood it up the front cover fell open so you couldn’t really see it. Then I remembered I had a cute plant that would be the perfect size to fit in the gap between the book edge and the end of the bookcase, and would hold the cover in place so it could be seen.

And there we have it, the final product. My pride and joy. I think it’s so beautiful and I could honestly just look at it for days. I’m not sure what I will do  when I have to add more books to it, but I will think of something when the time comes.

EDIT: So I wrote this post on Tuesday, but I finished a new book on Thursday, so I had to find a place to put it. I wasn’t sure where I wanted it to go because I thought it looked so beautiful as it was. I think I will always have to adjust it slightly to accommodate for when I finish a new book, so this will always be outdated, but it will be roughly be like this for the foreseeable future.

SECOND EDIT: I went shopping on Friday and bought two more comics as well as my dad giving me two of his old ones. All four of them are DC comics, so my Flash section has turned into a DC section, with the not-Flash comics going in a pile underneath. My TBR list is mostly comics at this point, and I’m not sure how I feel about it, I don’t know if I will do reviews on the comics, because I feel like they’re not the kind of things that you guys would be interested in, but we will see.

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