Applying For My First Job

I won’t lie, the last couple days have been stressful. I’ve had a CV made for about a year, but I really didn’t like it, so I never applied for any jobs. But with school ending in literally weeks, I needed to get it together and apply for something.

I hated my CV so much, I completely rewrote it, removing like half of it because it was tedious and unnecessary and I was finally happy with the results. Normally, I would’ve asked my dad if he would check it for me, but I knew he’d find dozens of improvements and I didn’t want to go through that all again, so I just sent them off. I’ve currently only applied to two places, but as they come to mind I’m applying.

I don’t want to spend my entire summer working, but I would like to get some income so I can go out and enjoy the time I’m not working. I think that’s the thing that everyone should consider when getting a part time job, especially during school holidays. You need a position that’s flexible, because when you go back to school, you won’t be available all times of the day like you are in the holidays.

One of the things I considered as well was how easy it was to get there, not only from my house, but from my college too. The places I’m applying to have stores in the town where my college is, and are quite near the train station, so it won’t take long to travel there. Obviously there will be times when my parents can drop me off and/or pick me up but it’s always good to have the safety net of being close to an easy route home.

Whether you’re going to get a job or not, please ensure you give yourself time to relax and collect yourself. It’s been a stressful year, and we all deserve a long rest.

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