Where I Went In February

February was a hard month for me, looking back. I was up to eyes in coursework, revision and homework, and I kind of just let myself go a bit. I struggled with motivation and exhaustion all month, and learning that I had to go into school during half term, definitely didn’t help.

The first weekend of the month, I was in Manchester, at a concert, and visiting my brother who’s at university. So I couldn’t write a post or upload, as I had nothing to write. From this point forward, I was so disorganised for the entire month. I almost missed homework deadlines and I had no idea where I was in terms of my graphics coursework.

As it grew closer to the half term holiday, I grew more and more tired. I’d get home from school at between quarter past 4 and quater to 5 and collapse on the sofa all night, doing no work, because I was so mentally and physically drained. I’d never needed a break so much, and then I learnt I had to spend half of the week at school was almost heart-breaking. All I wanted was a week in my bed with Netflix and snacks, but I had to work.

I can’t remember exactly when, but I saw a video by Mariana’s Study Corner that was about how all of the Google apps can help you stay organised and productive, and I all of a sudden felt this rush of motivation come over me. I switched on my laptop and started watching the video from the beginning, listening intently to every detail. Within 30 minutes I’d created a weekly schedule, and organised everything that needed doing for my trip away and my coursework, and all of a sudden everything felt possible. That video, I don’t know how, got me out of the rut I’d been in for almost the entire month, ans it was so liberating.

Finally, to finish off the month, I was back in Manchester, going to another concert, and visiting my brother. I’d gone full circle. I felt like I had my life back in check, and had the final four days of the month to correct my mistakes. And I’m happy to report that I feel like I did just that. I finished and printed off 4 pages of my coursework, finished making all of my products, and got a reasonable amount of revision done. Also, since December, I’d been bunking off my football training almost every week. I went about 3 times in 3 months, which I was, and still am, very ashamed by. But this week, I went back, and I enjoyed it so much.

This month finished better than I could’ve imagined, and I can’t wait to get back to weekly posts, because I really do love this. It gives me a platform to write about whatever I want to, and what interests me, and the fact that people appreciate that, and come back every week or every month, makes me so happy and grateful. Thank you for everything, and for sticking with me this month.

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