March Bullet Journal Set Up

I feel like February has gone so quick, and not just because it’s the shortest month of the year. I have definitely not done as much revision as I would’ve liked to, but right now my priority is finishing my coursework as soon as possible, and I think I’m nearly there. I went to two concerts last month, and I enjoyed both so so much, the best ways to start and end the month.

If you’ve read my 2019 Bullet Journal Set Up post, if you haven’t, I recommend you do, then you’ll know that I set up a new bullet journal for 2019, but the first couple of months were going to be in my current Leuchtturm 1917, so I wasn’t wasting the space in it. Now originially I was going to use my old journal for March, but I hated how it turned out and the look of it. So I decided I would start my new Dingbats notebook, because not only did I not like the set up, I was tired of having my collections and weekly spreads in different journals, so I moved into the new one. So here is the first monthly set up in my new bullet journal.

This month, I’ve further simplified my spreads. Starting with the cover page, I’ve done this cute hanging plant theme, which was inspired by a post on Pinterest. I’m not super happy with the lettering, but I won’t be referring to this spread much throughout the month so it doesn’t really bother me that month. For the drawings, I used 3 different coloured Crayola Supertips, all shades of green, and then the grey and green Zebra Mildliners.

Next is my monthly spread. It’s almost identical to my February spread, but there’s no dutch door and each box is 7×7, rather than 6×6. I used the light green Muji gel pen in 0.38 to draw the gird, and the same grey Mildliner for the background of the date in the corner. I’ve really been loving this grid layout, it’s the right size for me, as my handwriting is quite big, and it’s so clear and easy to understand.

Now, I don’t usually include my weekly spread in my monthly set up, but I feel it’s necessary this month. Instead of having a dedicated spread for my habits, which I always forget to track and lose interest in after the first couple weeks of the month, I’ve decided to create this “Week Summary” page to compensate. Each week, one page will be used as the summary for the week, where I will write events for the week and draw the weekly habit tracker. I think this will benefit me more as I can add and remove habits if I feel like they need to or don’t need to be included. Also, I think it will make me refer to the habits and fill them in everyday as I plan for the next day, as I will be referring to the weekly event anyway.

That is it for my monthly set up. I know it’s nothing special, but whenever I add things I don’t need, I lose interest in the bullet journal system as a whole and my life temporarily spiral out of control. To be honest, this month seems like quite a boring month for me. I have more exams and no parties or events to attend at the minute. I’m excited to see Captain Marvel on the 8th or 9th, I think it should be really good. I hope you all have a wonderful month.

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