Why I Chose To Use A Bullet Journal for 2019

So, I was contemplating whether or not to buy a planner on carrying on with my bullet journal for 2019.With my GCSEs in May/June, the first half of the year is so busy, I didn’t know whether I would have the time to make all of the spreads. But I did some looking on YouTube and Instagram and got loads of inspiration for spreads that are easy to make and won’t take up a lot of time. If you think about it, I’m finally using the bullet journal in its intended way, just with more colours, because who doesn’t love colours.I’ve loved the bullet journal system since I first discovered it over three years ago. It’s definitely been a love-hate relationship with the system, but when I commit myself to it, it works wonders for my productivity.Another favourite feature of mine is the flexibility of it all. If a spread doesn’t work you can just change it, whereas with a planner, if the spread didn’t work, I’d be stuck with it for the rest of the year, which would lead to me being less productive, or just abandoning the planner all together, so it’d be a waste of money either way.I’ll be making a post on my set up for 2019, which will be posted on the 30th of December, and I’ll be posting my monthly set ups on the 1st of every month, as well as posts every Sunday.

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