Apps and Resources I Use for Revision

With the ever increasing use of mobile phones, tablets, etc, I feel it’s vital to know about the resources available to you in the palm of your hand, no matter where you are. I think that there are so many apps at our fingertips, you just need to access them.


No matter what language you’re learning, no matter what your native tongue is. Duolingo is, in my opinion, the best language learning app there is. It’s so cleanly structured, and can be a lot of fun.

When I complete a section, there’s a real rewarding feeling. Also, I’ve noticed, using other language learning apps, that Duolingo don’t restrict you much with the free version. You can pay a subscription to DuolingoPlus, but you don’t have to. You can still access all of the lessons and resources, unlike apps like Memrise which only gives you the very basics of the content.


This one’s pretty obvious. Quizlet is another free website and app that you can make and use flashcards to learn key words, content and vocab. I use it mostly for equations in maths and physics, and important chemical formulas in Chemistry (e.g. HCl is hydrochloric acid). My favourite feature is the Classes feature. Because you can share your sets with anyone in that class. For example, I’m in a class with my friends and we share all of our sets together, as we take almost all the same subjects. I also love the range of learning activities you can use to learn your flashcards, including little games. I mostly use the Learn activity, but Match and Gravity are fun too.

I would recommend Quizlet to anyone who’s in school. It’s so versatile and you can learn almost anything. Even if you’re too lazy to make your own sets, you can search what you’re looking for and it shows hundreds of existing sets related to your search. It’s another free app with the option to buy QuizletPlus, which gives you offline learning as well as many other features, but it’s DEFINITELY not necessary.

Hegarty Maths

This resource is new into my school, and it’s been a bit controversial. The concept is brilliant, but some of the videos are wrong.

Basically, for every topic in maths, there are videos and related questions you use to test yourself and revise. First, you watch the video, making any notes you think necessary, then attempt the questions. If you get a question wrong, the system makes a record of it, and you ca attempt a “Fix-Up Five” which is five questions based on what you’ve got wrong in the past. I, personally, love the program, I think that it’s well thought out and you can easily achieve top grades if you use it constantly. However, most of my friends don’t agree, I’m not too sure why, but each to their own.

Your school has to purchase this system for you to use it, but I would definitely recommend asking your maths teacher if your school can look into buying it, as it’s suitable for everyone, primary age to high school, and is a valuable resource, in my opinion.


This one is a strange one. I don’t think it’s available to just anyone, I think your school has to buy it then roll it out to you. I’m not sure.

Anyway, if your school has access to this program, I highly recommend using it. It gives you less than 5 minute videos, full to the brim of all the key bits of information for that topic. I know that I definitely struggle with what the key points to remember are, so having them presented to me so easily and straight-forward is a big help. You can also download any of the videos to listen to when you’re offline, so it’s always accessible.


Photoshop definitely isn’t needed for most people, but if you’re doing a graphic design course, it may be useful, especially if you’re behind on your coursework. I downloaded a free trial of Photoshop a couple of days ago, because I only have 5 lessons a fortnight when I can work on my coursework, and I wanted to be able to access it from home. Even though it’s only a seven-day trial, it’s still better than not being able to work on it at all.

With the free trial, you get all the same benefits you would if you paid, just only for a limited amount of time, obviously. It’s definitely been a big help to me these past couple days, and could be for you as well.

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