The Job Situation

So this week, I came to the realisation that I want a part-time job. I feel like I have enough free time to balance it with football and school, but my parents don’t seem to agree. They think I should focus solely on school, which is fair enough, I am in Year 11, my exams are just around the corner, but I think that a job could be good for me. It’ll help me to relax a bit from the chaos that is homework and revision, but I do struggle to finish work as it is, let alone when I have to spend at least 12 hours a week working. It doesn’t really help that there doesn’t seem to be any jobs near me, they’re all at least half an hour away.

I really want some money to be completely honest. I never have more than £60 pounds in my bank account, which makes me anxious, and more money conscious than I should for 16 years old, in my opinion. I bought my mum’s birthday card this week, it was £4 from Moonpig, but I felt like I was spending an absolute fortune because of the little money I have in my bank account. My parents constantly make fun out of me when I buy something from Amazon, because I also have my grandma’s bank card connected to the account, they say I’m spending all of her money. So I try to use my own money as much as I can, so they can’t do that. But obviously if I have no money I can’t do that.

I feel awful when I have to spend my grandma’s money, but I physically can’t pay for it myself, because I don’t have a constant stream of money coming in, which I would if I had a job.

I’m definitely in two minds with this situation. I want to succeed with my GCSEs, knowing I couldn’t do anymore, but I want more money, and just work experience in general. I feel like it will help me with my anxiety in a way, the time I spend watching TV or playing on my phone makes me feel super anxious, but working would make me feel like I’m doing something productive with my time away from work. But then again, it may make me feel more anxious because I wouldn’t feel like I have enough time to revise and do all my work.

If you have any advice on what I should do, or just want to share your view on it all, feel free to comment or send me a private message on Twitter or Instagram. The links are in the menu side bar.

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