How to Write a Personal Statement

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been writing my college applications and within that, my personal statement. I’ve picked up some tips and tricks along the way to sculpt a near perfect personal statement if executed correctly.

The first thing I did was bullet point all of the things I wanted to talk about, or that may be important to include. You’ll definitely find it easier to write pages about yourself if you have some sort of plan of action.

Once you have all your points, prioritise them. But your most important factors first, because schools will receive thousands of applications, so will most likely skim read most of your personal statement. They’ll focus mostly on your first couple paragraphs, so you want those to be your best attributes. My first two paragraphs were about my attendance, punctuality and aspirations, to show the colleges that I will be a valued member of their school with some idea of future goals and steps needed to reach them. One of the colleges I’m applying to has a women’s football academy that I want to join, so I made sure that I mentioned my footballing achievements  near the beginning as well.

Probably my most important bit of advice is to try to be as non-repetitive as possible, if it sounds like you’re reading off a list, then assessors will get bored and stop reading. Also, make sure your grammar is impeccable, you don’t want it to seem like you have any weaknesses, basically.

Finally, I know it’s an odd feeling making yourself sound amazing, especially if you feel like you aren’t, but everyone probably feels the same way as you. It’s something you have to do, so there’s no point putting it off, hoping you’ll magically be capable of writing one eventually. If you’re really struggling, ask your parents or your teachers to help you and give you feedback on what you’ve written already. I asked my dad to read mine for me, and he made a couple of adjustments, rewording some parts, adding details I’d missed out, etc. It was super beneficial, and he didn’t mind doing it at all.

Anyway, if you make a really good personal now, you’ll only have to add to it and tweak it a bit to apply for jobs or universities. So while it is a challenging task, it is extremely rewarding for your future, and your future self will be grateful for it.

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