What I Did in the October Half Term Holiday

Monday 29th:

Today was a stay-at-home, get all our work done day for me and my dad. I did get a lot of work done, but not all of it, and I hadn’t even started on revision for PPEs in December. I don’t think my dad understands that I need to start preparing for these exams now, and I’m struggling to get all my homework done, let alone revise and have fun. Honestly, this week will be rubbish, and ultimately so will year 11. I just want to cry everyday, which SHOULD NOT be happening. School shouldn’t make you feel like this, they should help you thrive, but no, here I am being failed by the education system. I’m not the first, and I certainly won’t be the last.

Tuesday 30th:

My parents and I went to see Venom today and I absolutely loved it. I’ve been a Marvel fan for as long as I can remember, the comics, the films, the characters, everything hooks me about the Marvel Universe. And Venom was no exception. It had a gripping story line, out of this world graphics, and just the right amount of humour that the symbiote seemed frightening, but nice, if that makes sense. I’m so excited for Carnage, like I cannot contain it. Carnage is by far the most superior symbiote, and to me, the best character that Marvel has ever created. The Superior Carnage comic is so good! Honestly, I could rave about Carnage all day long, but I won’t because it’ll get extremely boring very fast.

Wednesday 31st:

Damn, Halloween is my favourite time of the year. I’m not sure what it is, but the last week of October just has a different buzz than the rest of the year, in my opinion. I didn’t even do anything today, I just love the day. I was having really bad period cramps and I was meant to visit my boyfriend, but him being the gem he is let me stay in my bed and came over to my house instead. It’s the little things, honestly, they mean so much to me. He bought me 4 bottles of Body Shop hand cream, which is my absolute favourite hand cream. The smells are so strong and beautiful, and just amazing in general. Apart from the cramps, today was really good.

Thursday 1st:

My dad and I went bowling today. We played five games, and I won three of them. We got the 11 o’clock train into the city, started playing about 12. It was actually really sad how fast it was, like we’d played all five games in less than an hour and a half. Luckily the bowling place had an arcade so we played in there for like an hour, it was so fun. They had a Jurassic Park game where you have to like kill the dinosaurs that’ve escaped and are attacking you and stuff like that. We literally spent like £5 on that game alone, because if one of us died, the other person carried on, so you’d put another pound in so you could play.

After all that, we did a bit of shopping, we went to the Forbidden Planet shop and I had to refrane from buying most of the things in that shop, I love it so much. We bought a keyring each and one for my mum, a Griffindor coaster and talking Groot notebook for my mum as well. The train home was so packed because it was a 17:20 train, so everyone was on their way home from work. I was stood with my face pressed against the train door. It was so uncomfortable and there was nothing to hold onto so I was falling all over the place. It was overall a good day, even though I started crying about school and college again at like 11 that night.

Friday 2nd:

Today was a pretty chill day, we got the train into town at around 2 because my dad booked to get his hair cut at 3, and a pub in the town was showing the WWE pay-per-view Crown Jewel live from 4. We left after about 45 minutes because the pub didn’t have the sound on and we had to ask if they could put it on, so we decided we might as well watch it at home. So we got home and had a change of plan, because I’m away this weekend, I need to get all of my work done before school, so that was the rest of my night sorted. I finished my graphics homework, but I couldn’t face my English homework. Language paper 2 doesn’t fill me with joy, let’s put it that way. Oh, and I had another cry, but not about school for once.

Saturday 3rd:

I played football this morning and we won 6-1 so stoked about that. I’m battered and bruised and exhausted but I’ll live with it, obviously. This afternoon, I went to my boyfriend’s house because his family were hosting a bonfire party that night. Before it started I did some of my English homework because we had some free time. I’m really bad at it so my boyfriend helped me with it. The party itself was loads of fun, and I’m staying over tonight.

Sunday 4th:

Not looking forward to school tomorrow, but is anyone? We went to a local abbey decorated with hand-knitted poppies. It was so beautiful. Because it’s the day of posting, there’s nothing else to say really, as it’s only been half a day. When I get home later I’ll most likely be trying, and failing, to do my English homework… Still. I need extra help or tutoring or something from my teacher but he won’t listen to me, so I’m just stuck here struggling, which is always fun.

The week as a whole has had a lot of ups and downs, but it was infinitely better than being at school. I may do another one of these, during the December half term, but if all I do is revision for the two weeks it’ll get insanely boring, extremely fast.

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