Year 11 vs Years 7-10

It’s no secret that as you get older, you get more homework, and the expectation for the quality of the homework increases as well.

But with year 11, it’s completely different. The amount of homework increases and so does the pressure of revision. It seems so contradictory to me, that schools expect you to revise when they give you so much homework there’s no time left in the day to get out your textbooks for extra revision. I understand that this year is the most important and all, but your life shouldn’t have to stop because of it. My friends and I are no longer scheduling meet ups and days together, because we simply do not have the time because of the workload.

I don’t know whether this happened at all schools or just mine, but through years 7-10 we had three lessons of core PE a fortnight, but now we only have two, because they’ve taken lessons and replaced them with extra English lessons. It used to be eight English lessons and eight maths lessons throughout the two week timetable, but now it’s 10 and 8, which I despise, really, because I absolutely adore maths, whereas English I just don’t. Most people I’ve spoken to have preferred maths over English, because you have to think a certain way to succeed at English, and maths is just “this is how you do it”, very straight-forward.

Year 11 sucks all of the fun out of school. I know that not everyone enjoys it, or enjoyed school like I do, but even so you still had at least some fun in lessons. But not anymore. All of your attention needs to be on the work, or you’ll fall behind, which is never good, because you get so much work without missing deadlines or finishing worksheets in lessons.

Of course, it’s stressful. It’s only October and I’m already dreading the exams in May. I don’t feel like I have enough time, because of all of the homework I get, and how little energy I have when I get home. Every day feels like a marathon to me, I’m glad when they’re over, and dreading the next day.

Anyways, here’s some tips for anyone at high school:

  • Enjoy years 7-9, have fun, but still try hard in all your lessons.
  • When you pick your GCSE options, make sure you pick for yourself rather than others. You should pick subjects you enjoy, not what your friends are picking.
  • Make sure your choices make sure you have a wide range of GCSEs so you have the ability to change career paths if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing in that moment.
  • Use Year 10 to make revision resources for everything you cover in that year. You don’t want to be in the position I’m in, where you have hardly any revision material for all of the content you covered in the first year.
  • When you have an end of unit test coming up, revise for those tests, you’ll more accurately see the gaps in your knowledge than if you don’t revise for them at all.

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